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The Australian Great Dane community came together in 2015 to participate in a broad spectrum prevalence survey on the breed. Data was collected from 518 owners of 1,165 Great Dane dogs across a large questionnaire resulting in information gathered on:


Personal details: Age, colour, sex, date of birth, date of passing, cause of passing, origin of the dog, age into the current home.


Lifestyle practices: Temperament and behaviour, vaccinations, worming, fleas treatments, diet and feeding habits, sterilisation, pet insurance.


Health issues: Urinary and faecal incontinence, phantom pregnancies, pyometra, prophylactic gastropexy, bloat and gastric dilation volvulus, endocrine conditions, orthopaedic issues, cruciate ligament injuries, arthritis, heart conditions, eye issues, allergies, anal glands, other health issues and weights.


The survey data has been analysed and presented in a report available for download from this page. Our Australian community hope that this report will help anyone interested in the Great Dane dog breed to learn more about them.


We also hope that with such a large prevalence survey population, we can inspire some further research into the breed and particularly health issues that effect it. The master spreadsheet is confidential and will remain with the surveyor. We do have raw data tables that have been taken from the Excel master spreadsheet minus identifying information that are available to qualified research persons for statistical validity testing. Some of the population may also be available to participate in further research projects and can be communicated with via Trish Neill by sending an inquiry from this page. At the time of the survey, 34.3% of the dogs were deceased and 65.7% currently alive. All dogs live in Australia.


The Australian Great Dane community is pleased to share the final report with you.


Survey and report by,


Trish Neill

UPDATE: Wednesday, 5th August

"One data point was incorrectly stated on page 43, this is now revised."

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